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February: Brain Cardio

February: Brain Cardio

Feb 09, 2016

A collection of great articles, blog posts, videos, etc. awaits you! Let me be your guide to the almighty interwebs! Please note that not all opinion pieces are always reflections of my own, but that whether they are or aren't, I have found value in their voice.  

Reading books outside your go-to genre will ultimately make you a better writer, and reading articles or opinions outside your comfort zone, makes you a better individual. Free your mind peeps.


"My fellow white people: Listen. Listen. Listen. This is a Black moment, rarer than rare in this culture. If you don’t like the way Black artists portray white people, work on changing the impact of white people in Black lives, not on telling Black people they’re wrong about their own lives" White People: Shut Up About Beyonce


"This is for the men who know that choosing a strong woman full of magic can sometimes mean choosing a challenging life but they do it anyway, because there is no greater gift than to partner with a daring, courageous heart." For the Men Who Give All the F*cks


"Requiring women to register for the draft would be the next step in bringing gender equality to the military services and in ensuring the Pentagon can draw on the broadest, most competent pool of recruits if the country — which now depends on an all-volunteer force — needs to call up tens of thousands of troops to fight a war." Women and the Draft


"Whether you’re a newbie to this inner peace thing or you’ve been walking the path for years, bringing mindfulness to your shower time is such an effective tool to feeling happier." Doing these 2 Things in the Shower will Make us Happier


"I'ts like, once a person sees a coffee shop sign that reads "I Love You A Latte!" their eyes turn entirely black and they foam at the mouth and physically claw at fellow passers-by and whisper-scream: 'Why am I alone?!?' " Literally Shut the Fuck Up if You're Single on Valentine's Day


I need this in my life. DIY Grass Bed Offers a Cozy Green Oasis


"Jealousy is never a good look; and women, in particular, are taught to be “chill” at all costs lest we come off as crazy just for having basic human emotions" How a Book about Jealousy Helped Me Cope with Mine


"Part of the reason these women have gravitated toward Sanders is, simply, that they view him as a feminist too"   Bernie Sanders Female Supporters Want to Break The Gender Barrier...Just Not Now"   

**Personal Rant: Being a feminist should not imply that you need to guarantee your vote for a female candidate just because the option of a female candidate is available. Hillary and I share a similar anatomy - not necessarily similar interests.


Who Knew? More Evidence the Color Green Sparks Creativity


Because who doesn't want to see this? Adorable Baby Meerkats Adventure Outside Their Nest for the Very First Time


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