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DIY: Pineapple Mosaic Artwork

DIY: Pineapple Mosaic Artwork

Aug 05, 2016

Happy Friday! I have a super easy project for you today, and if I'm honest, the "easy" part was more for my benefit than anything else. I have been running around like a mad woman lately, juggling work, having company in town, trying to commit to yoga and working out, finishing up some more-involved projects, and writing a few guest-posts for other bloggers (get excited!) -- I've hardly gotten more than 5-6 hours of sleep the last few nights!

But that's ok! In the words of the most amazing blogger/author/spiritual guidance goddess, you gotta "love the necessary hard work" <3  Nothing could be more true! Sure I've been dragging ass to workout and sure I've lost some sleep trying to build up this blog and market the hell out of it - but you have to love those things. You have to love putting in the work to get shit done. You have to love that you're working little by little, inch by inch, closer to that end goal.

Because these aren't grueling chores I dread each day that I'm forcing myself to do  - these are things I ultimately want. These are things that light me up and give my life direction. And so, tired as I may be, I sit lovingly with the work. And I thank all of you for reading this blog, commenting each time I post, and encouraging me to stick with it. It is appreciated more than you know.

All that being said, I feel totally OK with at least providing an easy "you-can-do-this-one-in-front-of-the-tv" project for when I myself, need to just zone out with some good ol' Sex and the City and a giant cup of coffee. || DIY: pineapple mosaic artwork


So without further ado, a quick tutorial that will provide your home with some summer trendiness (seriously - pineapples are like the new "it design" - as they should be. Pineapples rock.)

You'll need:

E-6000 glue (please ignore the Mod Podge in this photo! It went horribly wrong and I had already started and didn't have time to re-shoot the supplies photo! I should've known never to betray my beloved E-6000)


Canvas (I used two of the 12 inch x 24 inch size)

An assortment of yellow/gold scrapbook paper (focus on different designs as well as textures)

An assortment of green scrapbook paper || DIY: pineapple mosaic art


Start by drawing a rough oblong shape on your canvas. This is just to give you a guideline for applying your mosaic pieces so you can stay centered. || DIY: pineapple mosaic artwork


Then, cut up your yellow/gold scrapbook paper into little diamond shapes. I made mine roughly 1-inch in size but I purposefully was not exact about it -- having a variety of sizes and not-perfectly-shaped-diamonds actually works in your favor with this project. So by all means, have another martini and cut away furiously! || DIY: pineapple mosaic artwork


Then you'll need to cut up your green paper. Again, this was not an exact measurement by any means - I just started cutting leaf-like shapes, alternating between having it curve to the left and curve to the right so that the pineapple crown would look full. Test out a few "leaves" on your rough oblong pencil drawing to make sure it's looking the way you want.

I left the bottoms of the leaves pretty straight-edged.  Remember that you're making a mosaic art piece so having harsh lines is a good thing! || DIY: pineapple mosaic artwork


Spread your E-6000 in a crown shape above your oblong drawing, and start laying your leaves down. You'll have to apply glue directly to some leaves in order to overlap them. If this part makes you nervous, browse through some pineapple images for inspiration on how to lay out your leaves :) || DIY: pineapple mosaic artwork


Next, you'll start gluing down your yellow/gold diamonds. There was no rhyme or reason for the way I placed mine, but you can lay yours out ahead of time before gluing if you want. Or don't. Be a bad-ass. Take some risks. Get crazy, kids.

I will point out two things here:

1. The outer-most diamonds should tilt inward slightly so you can keep your rounded pineapple shape. Don't worry about leftover pencil lines - you can fill those in with scraps later.

2. It will look like a 5-year old's art project while you're working. Don't panic - it'll be chic in no time. || DIY: pineapple mosaic artwork


Continue gluing down your diamonds row by row, fitting the next row's diamond top in between the two diamonds above it. Again, don't worry about gaps or space or the diamonds not fitting perfectly - it's a mosaic and should look a little chaotic. Furthermore, if there's a large gap, you can always cut a piece to fit it once you're done. || DIY: pineapple mosaic artwork


Fill any gaps that are driving you nuts, and cover up your penciled edges. I did this by taking some leftover diamonds and cutting them up the center to make skinny long triangles. || DIY: pineapple mosaic artwork


And that's it! Just hang it up and admire your one-of-a-kind piece of art! Be sure to check out the seasonal variations of this project too: Glitter Deer Silhouette Canvases and Fall Leaf Canvases too!



Have you ever done a mosaic style project before - either with scrapbook paper or otherwise? How about any pineapple projects? I'd love to hear them below!  And in the meantime, check out another one of my own Pineapple DIY's here

Have a great weekend!



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