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DIY: New Year's Eve Party Platters

DIY: New Year's Eve Party Platters

Dec 16, 2016

It's Fridaaaayyyyy! And I'm guest-posting over at The Johnson's Plus Dog today! You head on over to check out a full tutorial on these New Year's Eve Platters -  I am going to stay right here, DIY like a crazy person (loads of good schtuff comin' your way kids), clean the apartment, and hopefully making it to yoga this afternoon for some decompression to accept all the changes coming up in my life. Not totally bad changes, but changes nonetheless (we Taurus are a stubborn folk...change is a wee bit difficult for us sometimes).

Robert, our dear friend, moved out here in June from Florida to live with us in Colorado for awhile. He got a job with Rob, learned some new coding skills, met some new people, experienced a new city, and now he's headed back to Florida. Although I'm excited to move into that spare bedroom (hello Craft Studio!), I am definitely sad to see him go.

We'll likely start looking for a new apartment too - our lease isn't up until June, but it would probably be a good idea to downsize and save some money when the summer comes if we're going back to it being just the two of us (well, the two of us plus Luna, and Dali, and Phoenix...ok, maybe we'll just stay right here).

Two of our admin employees are moving on to bigger and better things, so we're going out tonight to Rueben's to wish them farewell (silver lining: best burgers in town). My niece is turning 4 in just a few weeks (omg!), and we're obviously still in the midst of wedding planning, which brings on lots of changes and challenges of its own - the time-consuming, financially-draining ones ;)

But, isn't that what New Year's celebrations are all about? Being in the spirit of change? Here's hoping! With that said, prepare for YOUR New Year's Eve celebrations with my crazy easy DIY platters over on Chelsea's blog! Make sure to come back and check out the full tutorial for these Etched Champagne Flutes to complete your celebration!

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