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DIY: Halloween Tumbler

DIY: Halloween Tumbler

Sep 15, 2016

Do you ever have a great plan for a project, only to have it blow up in your face? And I’m not just talking about an idea for a project, I’m talking you’ve thought of an idea, you’ve planned out how you’re going to execute each step, you’ve purchased your supplies – the whole shebang.

And then you get started, only to discover that things are taking a turn for the worse and your beautiful vision is slowly being desecrated by the craft gods. So what do you do? Best case scenario: you change your course of action and just make it work.

Round 2 – you’ve got a new plan in place, and it’s going to be great. Except it’s not. You’ve now made two failed attempts at a project that you were seriously stoked about, and the day is looking grim.

This sounds dramatic, I know, but it was seriously so disheartening to not only have effed up the project twice, but to have also taken a slew of photos that I wasn’t able to use, only to re-shoot them and then ALSO NOT BE ABLE TO USE THOSE. 

But I didn’t want to just toss the project! I was too excited about it, and I spent nearly $25 on this damn thermos from Starbucks so I WAS going to make it work, one way or another (by the way, this is NOT in any way a sponsored post - I purchased this mug on my own volition).

Third time is the charm, right? Turns out, yes. For this particular project, the third attempt was finally a winner.

And here I am, sharing with you what finally worked so you don’t waste your time (like I did) figuring out what doesn’t work when all you want to do is create a snazzy Halloween-ified thermos to tote your PSL’s in all season.

DIY Halloween Tumbler ||


You’ll need:

A double-walled thermos or tumbler (I chose this one from Starbucks because it can hold hot or cold liquids and I wanted something different than your standard tumbler with attached plastic straw)

Construction Paper of your choice (this will be the background of your thermos)

Scrap paper to cut a pattern from


DIY Halloween Tumbler ||


And of course, Halloween glitter or confetti!

DIY Halloween Tumbler ||


So, in the first round of this project, I had intended to fill the double-walled section with water, add my confetti, and be done with it! It would be a beautiful, flowing, mural of confetti every time I went to take a swig! But that didn't happen. Not only did all my pumpkin confetti get stuck at the bottom of the thermos (it wasn't small enough to float from underneath up to the sides), but the water leaked.  Alot. It was just not happening. 

I opted to do a paper background instead, and just glue my confetti on - BOOM! Beautiful. But the first attempt at that didn't go so well either. I used a beautiful semi-transparent plastic-y paper and I planned on covering the whole piece in Mod Podge and the sprinkling my confetti all over it. Wrong again.

The Mod Podge literally ruined the plastic-y paper (wrinkled it up, curled the edges), and even if it had been salvageable, my confetti was not sticking at all. That's what I get for turning my back on my beloved E-6000.

So finally, after I may have cried just a teensy bit, I opted for this beautiful, gold, glittery, scrapbook paper and some E-6000 to attach each confetti piece individually. Bliss.

Whining over - let's get started!

Remove the stainless steel center of your tumbler, roll a piece of scrap paper (I used a plain ol' piece of computer paper) and insert it into your mug, so that you can no longer see through it (i.e. all surfaces are covered).

DIY Halloween Tumbler ||


Next, draw a line all the way across the top of your paper, where it sticks out (you'll end up cutting this to fit your tumbler perfectly). 
DIY Halloween Tumbler ||


Remove your paper insert, and cut along your line (there should be a slight curvature). Replace the paper, to make sure everything still fits properly.

DIY Halloween Tumbler ||


Now, in the photo above, you'll see there's about a 1-inch gap at the top of my tumbler, where the stainless steel insert with attached cap, screws onto the plastic portion. So I removed the paper, and trimmed about another inch off the top, following the original curvature line. Your mug may be a little different, so trust that this part of the DIY is more trial and error than anything else. Once you've trimmed, screw on the stainless steel attachment to make sure it locks properly onto the plastic part.
DIY Halloween Tumbler ||


Once everything fits properly, remove your paper insert, and use it as a pattern for tracing to cut out the correct shape from whichever scrapbook paper you want for your background.

DIY Halloween Tumbler ||

DIY Halloween Tumbler ||


Use a pencil, tiny paintbrush, or q-tip to apply small dots of E-6000 to your background - then you can apply larger pieces of confetti (as below), or if you do a bunch of glue dots you could even sprinkle smaller glitter or confetti all over until all of the glue is covered.

DIY Halloween Tumbler ||


Since I knew my original paper pattern allowed for some overlap, I didn't bother putting any confetti about 2-inches inward on one side (because this part was just going to end up being under the flap of the other side once rolled and placed into the tumbler).

DIY Halloween Tumbler ||


Once all the glue has dried, and your confetti is firmly set onto your background, roll up your scrapbook paper and insert into your tumbler. And that's it! 

DIY Halloween Tumbler ||


I hope doing the annoying legwork of approaching this idea multiple ways will save you some frustration and craft-angst, and that this project is smooth sailing all the way through! The best part of doing it this way, is that it's crazy easy to change out your paper with each season or holiday. 

And if you're still itching for more Halloween DIYs, check out these Halloween Wine Toppers or this Halloween Chalk & Cork Board!

What are some of your craft disasters? I need to know you guys, I need to know I'm not alone! ;)

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