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DIY: Easy Art with Washi Tape

DIY: Easy Art with Washi Tape

Apr 27, 2016

Happy Hump Day! We're almost to the weekend folks, and I for one, could not be any happier; it's been a hell of a week! I lost of one of my admin assistants and very dear friends to the exploration of South America (good luck Taylor, you lucky bastard - you will be so missed!), and I've just had a difficult time overall adjusting to new work routines and furthermore, new home routines now that we've added Luna into the mix!

So naturally I have a super easy project for you today (my favorite kind), because quite frankly, it's all I've had time for! Seriously guys, bringing a new pet into the home is no joke. Not that I thought it would be a breeze or anything, but I without a doubt, underestimated the time commitment.

Rob and I wake up at 5am (sick, right?), and spend AN HOUR just waking up, getting coffee brewed, groggily kissing good morning, and getting the cats, and now Luna, fed. Oh, and chugging down aforementioned coffee. For the next half hour or so we're practicing commands with Luna, and if she does well and we can give it a rest, we try our best to squeeze in a half-hour workout. By then its 7am and we've got one hour left to shower, eat breakfast, pack lunches and get ready. HOW DO PEOPLE HAVE CHILDREN?! HOW?!

Balance. And serious time management skillz. That's how.

Right now, my life is all about trying to organize my time, and find the balance. Lord help me.

So with that, I present to you a super simple project to keep you on your creative game, when you too, are running around like a mad woman.

Easy Art with Washi Tape


You'll need:


Acrylic Paint

Paint brushes

Washi Tape (or any tape for that matter - I honestly just used washi tape because I had extra from my Halloween pack, and it sticks well to canvas)

Easy Art with Washi Tape


Choose a design and tape your canvas - I chose a [misshapen] exclamation point but a monogram or even just stripes would be cute too.  Make sure your tape is securely adhered to the canvas to avoid any paint getting up under the design.

Easy Art with Washi Tape


Then just paint all over your canvas! 

Easy Art with Washi Tape!


When the paint is slightly dry, carefully pull up your tape. You don't want to wait until the painting is completely dry because if you have large chunks of paint that overlay both your tape and your canvas, it's likely that your tape will tear the entire section up. If the paint is still wet though, it's tacky enough that the tape will lift and leave all the connected paint behind.

And voila! Your very own, one-of-a-kind work of art. Promptly add to your collection ;)

Easy Art with Washi Tape



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