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DIY: Pineapple Stamp Tote

DIY: Pineapple Stamp Tote

Aug 18, 2016

Sooo...the compressor in our air conditioning unit went out last weekend.  I'm not sure what a compressor is, but apparently if it's broken, your a/c unit just blows hot air.  It's been 90-something degrees every day, so, ya know, not cool. Ba-dum-chhh.

Thankfully it's starting to cool off in the evenings - can you believe August is almost over?! I adore fall weather just as much as the next basic bitch, but if I'm being honest, I'm sad to see summer go! So let's make it last a little longer shall we? With yet another pineapple DIY ;) (See another Pineapple DIY here) || DIY Pineapple Stamp Tote

You'll need:

A canvas tote bag of your choice (you can use a different material, but canvas works well with acrylic paint)

A rubber pineapple stamp (you can buy one, or Michaels has Rubber Stamp Making Kits where you can carve your own)

A craft sponge

Acrylic Paint (you can use fabric paint if you'd like) || DIY Pineapple Stamp Tote


Use your sponge to sop up some paint, and sponge it onto your stamp. || DIY Pineapple Stamp Tote


Add another color for your leaves (or don't - monochromatic pineapples are cool too) || DIY Pineapple Stamp Tote


Space your stamp out on your bag - be mindful of how many stamps you'd like to have. || DIY Pineapple Stamp Tote


Press down firmly, rotating your fingers around the edges to make sure everything is pressed down onto the canvas. || DIY Pineapple Stamp Tote


And voila! Repeat with whatever colors/designs you'd like! I chose to do metallic pineapples with different shades of green for the tops. || DIY Pineapple Stamp Tote


And that's it! || DIY Pineapple Stamp Tote || DIY Pineapple Stamp Tote || DIY Pineapple Stamp Tote

Enjoy your new pineapple bag poolside, and the last few days we have of summer (yea, I know we have like, a whole month left, but it feels like it's just slipping away!) How are you guys all hanging onto summer? 



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