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DIY: Multi-Tassel Necklace

DIY: Multi-Tassel Necklace

Mar 21, 2016

TASSELS. Why have just one when you can have five?! I saw a variety pack of tassels at Michaels and even though I wasn't entirely sure what I was going to do with them, I had to have them anyway. I entertained the idea of making tasseled gym shorts or obnoxious earrings, but ultimately settled on a multi-tasseled necklace. Just obnoxious enough, and it would use up the remaining beads from the Jeweled Collar DIY. Score.

DIY: Multi Tassel Necklace

You'll need:

Tassels (you can make your own with embroidery thread, but I'd recommend ones similar to the pack I bought, where the gold fixture is already attached)

Fishing line or jewelry cord

Beads of your choice


Claw Fixture and Jump Rings

DIY: Multi Tassel Necklace


Measure out your fishing line to a necklace length that you're happy with (I used a necklace I already have as a model for where I wanted this to fall) - add an extra 8 inches (or more) to allow yourself some room for tying knots, and then cut your string.

Tie your string (knotted many times over) onto a claw fixture, at one end. Then start adding your beads!

I planned out a pattern first, and throughout my beading I would periodically hold up what would be the "back" of the necklace at the nape of my neck, keeping the beads in place with my fingers, to see how far down I had gotten.

Once I was a little more than half-way down to the center, I started with my first tassel, and continued until all five were used. I didn't want as much space between each tassel, so my beading pattern changed in between each one.

DIY: Multi Tassel Necklace


Once you've added all five tassels, continue your original pattern back up the other side until you reach the length on your string that will create the necklace length of your choice, with your center tassel correctly placed.

Tie the remaining string at the end of your necklace, onto a jump ring, getting the jump ring as close to your last bead as possible (so as not to leave a huge gap of extra string).

I went back in with pliers and slightly bent each tassel fixture downward.  I was mostly trying to avoid tassels sticking directly outward, and instead give it the illusion of gravity causing them to fall "naturally".

DIY: Multi Tassel Necklace


Also: about the extra string left from tying your knots to the fixtures (at the beginning and end) - don't snip it! Thread that extra string through the beads (alongside the main string holding all the beads and tassels) to reinforce the necklace.

And done! Show yourself off, promptly.

DIY: Multi Tassel Necklace

DIY: Multi Tassel Necklace

And if you liked this tutorial, check out this Leather Triangle Necklace DIY too!  And if you're just in it for the tassels, check out this No-Sew Canvas Zipper Pouch with a bonus DIY leather tassel!



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