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DIY: Upcycled Jewelry Dish

DIY: Upcycled Jewelry Dish

Feb 06, 2016

I was out shopping last night with my friend Anna, and naturally we made a stop at Urban Outfitters (ah, how I love admiring things I can't afford).  They did have some pretty cute jewelry dishes on sale, and I definitely wanted to grab a few (I keep small studs/rings/etc. in my top vanity drawer and have had many a dream about cleaning that mess up one day).  They were pretty small (maybe 3x3 in.), and I think they were between $4.99- $9.99 depending on the size/pattern.  Not too bad, but the DIY-er in me had two initial thoughts: 

1. I can make this
2. I can make this for less money

And bingo. A project was born.

DIY: Upcycled Jewelry Dish ||


You'll need the following:

A small dish (doesn't even have to be a jewelry dish - a flat teacup sized saucer would work just fine too!)

A picture/painting/design for your dish

E-6000 super glue

Mod Podge

And possibly an X-Acto knife and cutting mat if you need to cut intricately around your design

An old paint brush to apply glue

Water, and some q-tips or paper towels to wipe away excess glue


I bought this jewelry dish at a thrift shop in Boulder, for $1 (score).


I knew I wanted an Octopus, so I started to sketch one out and then finished it off with sparkly water colors.  You can do the same, or use a pattern from scrapbook paper, or for an even easier & quicker project, just print something out! Hell, I even encourage you to get REAL lazy, and find a sticker from Michael's Scrapbook section ;) How's that for easy?


After the water colors dried, I used the X-acto knife to cut all the white segments out around my Octopus. Note to self: NEVER AGAIN. 


And then very carefully pulled up on the white sections to remove them. Seriously, NEVER AGAIN. I would not advise an octopus as your first go-round at this project.


Wild & Free!


Apply E-6000 (or hot glue) to the back of your design


And press carefully onto your dish


Smooth out wrinkles as best as you can, and leave it to dry for an hour. If every little edge isn't glued down, don't worry about it. Mod Podge is coming soon, and Mod Podge, like the coconut oil of the craft world that it is, fixes everything.


Once it's dry(ish), cover the whole thing in Mod Podge!


Spread it around with a paintbrush (don't worry, it WILL dry clear), and let sit for a few hours. This top coat of Mod Podge provides a barrier between your paper design and whatever you decide to throw in your dish, giving the design a longer shelf life.  Plus it glues those pesky edges down pat.


And you're done! Marvel at your beautiful jewelry dish!


I'm hoping to make a few more of these little babies so that I can organize that jewelry drawer (lord help me), but I can't say I'm not tempted by just using a print-out or stickers next time ;)

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