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5 THINGS: that I love this week

5 THINGS: that I love this week

Sep 26, 2015

1. Anniversary Dinners at The Burns Pub


Celebrating 12 years with Rob over Sheperds pie, whiskey flights, pumpkin cheesecake and Irish Coffees! And I suck for not taking pictures of this AMAZING food, but we were too busy swooning and staring deep into eachother's eyes (or getting drunk and singing along to the 90's classics that the musician on the patio was playing....but that's basically the same thing)


2. Driving through Rocky Mountain National Park to see the Aspens change colors!



3. New candles from Bath and Body Works

If you get them on sale, the large 3-wick ones are only $11 and will burn for MONTHS. And your whole room will smell amazeballs. I recently bought these two ("Radiant Red Maple" and "Leaves") and I cannot burn them enough!


4. Making tacos and stuffed peppers with Rob this weekend

From picking the recipe, to grocery shopping, to cooking, it's one of the least expensive dates that includes a solid chunk of time working together with good music and playfulness. If you have a teeny tiny kitchen like we do, it can be hard, but cooking together is doable! Promise! Just spread out as much as possible, and remind yourself to sip some wine instead of yelling at your boyfriend to get out of your designated 2' x 2' space.

5. "The Year's Best Dark Fantasy & Horror 2015" (Multiple authors, edited by Paula Guran)

The greatest aspect of this collection, is that it covers such a wide range of what is considered "horror" that so long as you're into spooky things, you're bound to find a good handful of stories you love. Perfect for getting into the Halloween spirit! I haven't been a fan of every story, but so far I've loved the majority of them, enough to buy the 2014 version too! Buy here.


Happy Fall Y'all - what are your plans for this weekend?



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